Terms Of Service

By viewing this website and signing up for courses, you agree to the following terms of service:

1 Copyright

All content on this website is copyright protected and must not be duplicated.

2. Use of cookies and privacy

Cookies are used on this website and will store personal data. These cookies enable us to provide you with a better user experience on the site, help us to identify statistics of who is using and signing up to services and enables us to market content to you outside of this website. It also protects us from bots sending us spam. You can see the full cookie policy here and the privacy policy here.

3. Payment terms

Where payment is required for a course or service, full payment is to be paid up-front for access. There is no refund policy on any services offered. However, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with any of the services, we request you contact us so we can resolve the matter via contact@leximedia.co.uk

4. Course access

Courses are hosted on Thinkific and we have no control over their services. We intend to have courses continuously accessible but understand that some services are out of our control. We will not be held responsible for any failure of systems on other platforms. There is no guaranteed timeframe offered for accessing courses. You will have continuous access to your course for as long as it is live. Courses may be closed at any time for any reason, however, we intend for courses to be forever available.

5. Content correctness

We do not guarantee that the content shown will forever be correct. Technology changes at a fast pace and a platform may make a change without our knowledge. If you spot anything in a course that does not look correct to a platform it teaches, please inform us at contact@leximedia.co.uk so we can update as neccesary.

6. Legality

Advice given in this website and through courses may not be legally correct. We recommend you consult a legal representative for your region to ensure any terms and policies on your website are legally correct. We will not be held responsible for any legal issues that arise from advice given.

7. Right to refuse and revoke

We have the right to refuse and/or revoke access for any reason and our word is final. If you believe you have lost access for no apparent reason, please contact us at: contact@leximedia.co.uk

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