What is an evergreen coaching course and should you create one?

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woman studies an evergreen coaching course at home with dog in the background

Table of Contents

Many successful coaches are using an online evergreen coaching course as part of their strategy for a number of reasons. But, what is an evergreen coaching course and how will it benefit both you and your clients?

An evergreen coaching course is an automated course that coaching clients can sign up for at any time, study at their leisure and get some value that will enhance their lives. The course needs no time invested by the coach to deliver the course, thus they can help more people without sacrificing time.

There are so many benefits of having an evergreen course as part of your coaching strategy. Let’s have a look at some of those benefits.

Benefits of an evergreen coaching course

If you do some research into successful coaches who are consistently earning 5 and 6 figure months in their business, you will more than likely find they are using an evergreen coaching course as a service to offer.

This gives them a distinct advantage over pure 1:1 client coaches.

Benefits to clients of an evergreen coaching course

Step into your next clients shoes for a moment.

They have some sort of issue in their life that you can help them with through coaching.

Whether that is life, business, career, relationship coaching, or any other coaching niche you’re in.

Because of this, they are looking for solutions and they stumble across you…

And you’re asking for thousands of pounds for a 1:1 coaching package.

Now, there’s two huge issues you need to tackle in order to get that client:

  1. Why they should trust you to invest thousands when they don’t have a clue who you are.
  2. What is coaching anyway? The client may not know anything about coaching.

To turn this stranger into a client is going to take a lot of conversations, convincing and maybe a few taster coaching sessions.

It’s hard work!

One of the many digital marketing strategies used these days is to have multiple levels of services at increasing price points. This helps with the client journey to build relationships and learn more about working with you.

I’ll talk about pricing more below, but the benefit of having a low priced evergreen coaching course helps your client in a number of ways…

  1. Your client may not need 1:1 coaching. A course may be enough to help them find their own path.
  2. A low priced service means a low risk entry to working with you.
  3. If they like you but cannot afford your 1:1 coaching package, you’re not abandoning them, you can offer a lower priced service.
  4. They can learn more about what coaching is and if it’s right for them without going straight into deep 1:1 coaching

Having that evergreen coaching course available as a service will offer added benefits to your clients.

Lady casually studying an evergreen coaching course at home

Benefits to you of an evergreen coaching course

You can probably see some benefits to you already, such as an easier client on-boarding process so you’re not continuously having those same time consuming and difficult conversations.

But, there’s more benefits to you, the coach, and your business by offering an evergreen coaching course.

  1. The clients who take the evergreen coaching course do so without you investing any time into them, hence, you could have hundreds of clients at any one time.
  2. As you invest zero time into the client who is studying the course, you are free to do other things, whether 1:1 coaching, taking holidays or spending more time with family and friends.
  3. If you stop work completely, for example, go on a long holiday, you can still generate some passive income for your business through your evergreen coaching course.
  4. Use the course as an opportunity to educate clients into coaching so they become more “coachable”, meaning when they progress to being ready for 1:1 coaching, you can go deeper with them, get better and bigger transformations meaning better results for you as the coach.
  5. Better results, more clients and more testimonials and feedback enables you to attract more clients and demand more for your 1:1 “high ticket” coaching.

Coach able to take time off due to running an evergreen coaching course


Isn’t an evergreen coaching course teaching and not coaching?

Yes, it is teaching, technically.

But use the teaching as part of the process in your coaching strategy.

There will always be times where clients will need some sort of teaching to help them learn new things.

Think of it as introducing someone to personal development before trying to coach them.

If you try to take many people direct into 1:1 coaching, you’ll probably find they will struggle to deal with things that come up, not facing what they need to face, not understanding how to control the ego and the gremlins that show up.

I’ve known coaches who’ve had clients say things like:

“Shouldn’t coaching be fun and motivating, not difficult and upsetting…”

“I’ve come to you for advice. Shouldn’t you be telling me what to do? That’s what I’m paying you for…”

“How does you asking me questions help me move forward? If I have all the answers, then why do I need to pay for a coach?”

“I don’t have any big ambitions or goals…”

These clients had no idea about what coaching really is and possibly no experience of personal development before hand.

So, if you want to have clients who are truly coach-able, come to you with big goals and deep desires, understand how to face up to difficult things that will show up and understand that the transformation may be difficult and not a joyous ride in the park, you’re going to have to do some educating before coaching.

Hence, teaching through your evergreen coaching course.

Woman Teaching personal development skills via evergreen coaching course

Pricing an evergreen coaching course

How do you price an evergreen coaching course?

A general rule of thumb when pricing services is to consider how much time you would personally have to invest in delivering that service. (Not in creating the service).

1:1 coaching requires the most time investment from you as a coach. You have to give the time to a single client.

An evergreen coaching course is the complete opposite. Because it is created in a format in advance, it can be delivered to a client with zero hours invested from yourself. The client can sign up, login and study the lessons at their leisure. Your coaching course is setup online to allow that to happen without you having to do a single thing.

It also allows for not just one client, but many clients to come along and self study your coaching course. You could have tens, hundreds or even thousands sign up at any time.

An evergreen coaching course isn’t intended to replace 1:1 coaching by any means. There won’t be a huge transformation from such a coaching course. Instead it is intended to help progress the on-boarding of clients, give an insight to personal development and educate them on coaching.

So, because you don’t have to give your time and you can serve many clients at once, you can price this evergreen coaching course relatively cheaply giving you an enticing service to offer as part of your coaching services.

Personally, from my own research, other businesses are offering coaching courses like this for somewhere between £29 and £99.

Services at this price are often known as a “trip wire” and is the first paid step a client will take on their journey with you.

The income generated from trip wires is often used to cover ad spend and ongoing business costs, however, with multiple coaching courses offered, it is possible to generate a lucrative income just from these services alone.

The next step for your coaching course

Between your trip wire and your 1:1 coaching services, many other coaches add another course as a service.

At this level, the course would be something like a group coaching course. This way you’re able to coach multiple clients again, but not as many as you could with an evergreen coaching course.

Plus, you’d have set start and end dates and you’d be giving a lot more of your time to your clients to deliver the coaching sessions. You could also throw in some pre-recorded content for the clients to study.

This sort of group coaching course would then be charged at a higher rate than your evergreen coaching course as you’re more time invested, but still less than 1:1 coaching packages.

From my research, courses like this vary in price and I’ve seen coaches charging anywhere from £500 up to £10k for these types of courses. It all depends how long the course is and how much time you have to invest to deliver it.

Woman deliver group coaching course to impact more people

Closing Notes

Having a coaching course as part of your coaching business strategy can be very worthwhile.

Whilst the up-front effort may be tough and you’ll know you won’t be paid for that time, once you launch and get multiple clients taking your coaching course, it can help your business generate a residual income for a long time.

Even when you’re not working in your business, taking time off to travel or spend time with friends and family.

Imagine knowing you can have a 6 figure income every month even if you didn’t have any 1:1 clients?

Isn’t that the business dream everyone wants to achieve?

I discuss this more in my webinar about implementing a digital marketing strategy for your coaching business.

And it’s why I want to help coaches embrace tech so they can get a coaching business launched that benefits many.

The tech does not have to be difficult, in fact I can show you how you can create your own website for free with my mini DIY coaching website course… go check that out!

Oh, and if you want to know which platforms I recommend for hosting your online evergreen coaching course, check out the “tools” section.


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Build Your Own Website: Easy Learn Via The FREE Website Course

The free mini course that shows you, quite simply, how to build your professional coaching home page.

Build Your Own Coaching Website Free Course - Tools To Help Coaches With Tech

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