Embrace tech to launch an online coaching business

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online coaching opens up many more opportunities

Table of Contents

Have you been considering taking starting an online coaching business? Maybe you’ve seen other coaches making a killing or getting tons of clients using online marketing and you’re wondering if you should do the same?

Well, let me help you understand why an online coaching business can help you reach more people, impact more lives, earn a greater income and be much more successful over a traditional offline coaching business.

There are so many reasons why running an online coaching business will help you to grow your client base and impact more lives. It may also help you earn more and take more time away from your business too.

Earning more with an online coaching business

Obviously, more clients = more income.

But you may not have the time to take on more clients and you also may be struggling to command the hourly rates you really want to charge.

One of the things I’m going to discuss with you in this post is how to impact more people at any one time through alternative coaching services that are self-delivered, meaning you don’t have to spend the time delivering the service.

You can use these automated services (like an online coaching course) to warm up clients to your 1:1 coaching services and that will, in turn, help more people, prepare better coaching clients and it will give you an alternative service at a lower price point, enabling you to increase your 1:1 hourly rate.

Free up more time with online coaching services

Wouldn’t it be nice knowing you’ll still be earning an income even when you’re not 1:1 coaching?

Well, with online services that are self-delivered, you can do just that! Not only will an online coaching course help you to impact more lives, bring more coaching clients and help you raise your prices, but it can also run automatically, day, night, weekends and all the time you’re away from your business.

It’s using online coaching strategies like this that enables those successful coaches you see to travel the world and still make a generous income whilst doing what they love!


So, how does a coaching business benefit from being online?

Well, the internet has given us all access to a load of powerful tools that enables the use of automation.

You can use automation in your online coaching business to:

  • Automate your business marketing to grow a contact list of potential clients
  • Automate delivery of online coaching courses and programmes
  • Automate communications with clients when they do something on your website
  • Automate booking 1:1 calls with you with automated reminders

Plus, a whole lot more!

A successful online coaching business starts with a strategy. So, ask yourself:

  • How will you attract attention to your services and find the people who may be interested in it?
  • How will you capture their details so you can keep sending them information about the benefits of your coaching services?
  • What can you give them to show evidence in your services or give them an opportunity to test you out?
  • What low priced service can you offer that helps you generate some added income as well as giving your client some advice or guidance?
  • How can you follow up with people to remind them to book a 1:1 call with you, and how can you make that process easier to find mutual free time and give them reminders before the call?

If you’re thinking that seems like a lot of work, you’d be right if you were trying to do all this in person.

And if you were to do all this offline, you’d surely need to hire a few assistants to help you run your coaching business.

But with an online coaching business, most of this can be totally automated. Once you’ve setup the system and content, it will run for you whenever you need it to so you can get on with your coaching or having some time off.

It may sound like a lot to consider and it could be difficult to implement, but I believe in small simple steps which is why my complete foundations course for online coaches shows you how to implement all of this yourself, giving you a solid basis to grow your online coaching business from.

Let’s take a look at some of the powerful online tools available for you to use…

Websites for online coaching

Having a website is like having a bunch of assistants doing some of the repetitive work for you. It will be the basis for all your new client interactions delivering the information they need, when they need it and at all time, it’s promoting something that they need.

Whether it’s a FAQ section on your site, sales pages, booking pages, contact forms, payment pages, blog posts, memberships or courses, your website will do it all.

Find out how you can easily build your own website for free with my Build Your Free Coaching Website course

A website is the heart of your online coaching business

Email Marketing for online coaching

Email is the king of automation and is still the number one tool online coaches and other businesses use to turn prospects into paying clients.

It’s very rare that you can convince a stranger to hire you straight away. People need to take time, find out about you, do their research and learn to trust you.

With email marketing, you can deliver the information they need regularly, so they don’t forget about you and by doing so, you make it easy for them to do their research.

You can use email marketing to deliver a free service, a gift if you like (known as a lead magnet) and once they give you their email address for that gift, you can then drip feed some information about you and your services to them so they get to know you and you can keep reminding them about how your coaching services can help them with their issues.

Email marketing can automate so much of your online coaching business communications

Booking Forms for arranging online coaching calls

Incorporating booking forms into your system makes arranging 1:1 calls so much easier for both you and your client. Anything that makes life easier for a client will see more clients coming your way.

Having a booking system enables clients to arrange calls with you at a suitable time without having to contact you first and wait for a reply. It also saves that back-and-forth communication to find that mutual time.

With automated reminders, easy cancellation or re-scheduling, the client can manage the booking themselves and be reminded about their appointment. For you, that saves turning up for a call with a client who has forgotten about the booking.

Once booked, the schedule can be sent over to your online meeting software, like zoom, so there’s no need to manually book in and send the details to the client.

Booking systems are essential for any modern online coaching business

Delivering Online coaching courses

One of the biggest things around now is online courses. People have a thirst for learning and by offering a coaching course to your clients, you are able to fulfil a whole bunch of needs for your business.

Firstly, pricing. An online coaching course can provide a lower priced service to your clients who cannot afford a 1:1 coaching package, hence not turning them away and potentially turning them into a 1:1 client in the future.

By having multi-tier priced services, you can increase prices of your other services. EG, low priced course, mid-priced group coaching and high ticket 1:1 coaching.

Next, educating clients. How many times have you had to go over the same things over and over again with new clients? How many clients have come to you who haven’t understood what coaching is and aren’t prepared to do the work?

Well, you can eliminate these by educating clients initially with online coaching courses and use that opportunity to explain in more details what coaching is and what the client will need to do to prepare themselves if they want the best transformation possible.

By creating an evergreen online coaching course, you will have a course that clients can sign up for (via your automated marketing strategy) and access at their own leisure, meaning you don’t have to deliver the course over and over again, your system does that for you!

Online Coaching Courses gives you the ability to serve more clients

You can find a list of all my recommended online platforms and tools here >>

There’s a whole lot more to discover about online automation that you could implement into your online coaching business too, such as:

Facebook Ads: If you’re not the type of person who wants to spend hours on social media trying to self-promote your coaching services, then you can run Facebook Ads to generate leads into your online coaching automated marketing systems.

Google Ads: If you know your audience well, you’ll know their pain points and their problems. You could probably guess what they’d be searching in Google to try and find solutions. Wouldn’t it be good if your website was to show up in those searches? Well, you can use Google Ads just like Facebook Ads to find those potential clients who are actively searching for solutions that your coaching services can provide.

Utilising automation in your online coaching business can free up time

In conclusion – Embracing tech for building an online coaching business has the potential to help you gain more clients, earn more income and have more free time.

It’s all down to the expanded reach we have so we can find clients from all around the world and the use of automation to deliver services without needing to exchange time.

If you want to find out more about how you can get your online coaching website built yourself, for free, check out this course. I make it super simple to learn how to do this yourself without spending a fortune on software or subscription packages.

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Build Your Own Website: Easy Learn Via The FREE Website Course

The free mini course that shows you, quite simply, how to build your professional coaching home page.

Build Your Own Coaching Website Free Course - Tools To Help Coaches With Tech
Build Your Own Website: Easy Learn Via The FREE Website Course

The free mini course that shows you, quite simply, how to build your professional coaching home page.

Build Your Own Coaching Website Free Course - Tools To Help Coaches With Tech

Implement a simple online strategy to grow your coaching business

Find out how successful coaches are able to scale their business to reach more clients, build 6 figure months and have more free time to live their lives…