What is the best hosting for a coaching website?

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Online Coaching Courses gives you the ability to serve more clients

Table of Contents

What is the best hosting for a coaching website?

There are so many hosting companies out there and you want to know which would be the best hosting for a coaching website?

Well, in my opinion, the best hosting for a coaching website would be Siteground and in this article I’ll explain why that is in more detail.

Online Coaching Courses gives you the ability to serve more clients

Assumptions about your business

For the purposes of this article, I’m going to make some presumptions about you, your business and your services.

  1. You’re a coach who’s managing your own tech, so you want something that offers the easiest solution to getting your hosting setup and running.
  2. You want great customer support when you need it so if anything goes wrong you know you can call upon someone.
  3. You run a small coaching business, compromising of just yourself or possibly a few other assistants to your business (up to 10 people max)

If this is you, then please read on.

If this is not you, Siteground may still offer great hosting for a coaching website, so it may be worth reading on anyway.

Siteground provides easy hosting for a coaching website

Hosting needs for a coaching website

Before we get onto which hosting to use for your coaching business, lets understand what hosting is and what essential services you need from it.

What is hosting?

Hosting is like huge data storage that connects to the world wide web.

The internet connection to your home or office is like a hose pipe. Whilst it may serve you with data well from the internet, it wouldn’t be sufficient to serve hundreds or thousands of other people who wanted to access data (IE, your website) all at the same time.

It would be like trying to supply the whole village with water from your hose pipe. People would have to wait, it would be slow and basically, it wouldn’t work.

So, there are these data centres that store your websites for you, and they have the ability to serve that data to many thousands of people all at the same time.

Which is why you need to use hosting to serve your coaching website to the world wide web.

Your domain name (EG coachingwebsite.com) is your unique identifier of your website data on that server which enables the data centre to serve the information that is requested from the user.

SSL certificates.

When data is sent between a computer (the user) and the server, there is a possibility that the data can be “listened in to” which means anything the user does on your website could be copied.

Imagine putting credit card information into a website and someone else is listening in to copy that data.

That’s not a good situation.

So, we have something called SSL certificates and what that does is it jumbles up all the data sent to and from the server and the user’s computer. The server can decipher that information but anyone listening in would just have a bunch of jumbled up data.

If you’re taking payments on a website, an SSL certificate is a MUST! In fact, payment processors won’t allow you to operate payment forms without an SSL certificate.

But what if you’re not taking online payments? Do you need an SSL certificate?

The responsible answer would be yes. You would still be collecting data from potential clients, data that you would want to ensure is safe and kept private.

This data could be from contact forms where people request information. They could be potentially inputting some sensitive information intended for your eyes only.

Many decent hosting companies offer SSL certificates as standard on all their plans. So, there’s really no excuse these days not so have a secure website.

However, some budget hosting services still do not include SSL and make you pay extra later on.

SSL certificates are a necessary consideration - hosting for a coaching website

Business Email.

If you’re going to setup a website, then you’ll want to use that same domain for your business email.

Not only does a business email address show professionalism, but it also helps people to find your website when communicating with you.

Online businesses these days need more and more automation and utilising an email marketing platform (EG MailChimp or MailerLite) gives you that ability to use email automation and grow an email list of potential clients to work with.

To use an email marketing platform, you need to have your own email domain to use. Free services such as Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc, are not intended for bulk emailing and if you try to use one of these services in your email marketing platforms, you may find your emails are flagged as spam, if the email platform doesn’t block your emails going in the first place.

Again, many decent hosting companies offer basic business email as standard, so if you’re a sole employee business, or a small business with up to 10 people, these email services that come included are perfectly suitable.

However, as with SSL certificates, there are some budget hosting companies that don’t offer this as standard and you’ll either have to pay extra for it or use another email service. That brings extra complexity to your setup.


How you hosting service is able to deliver your website when needed is important.

Hosting is one of the primary factors in website load speed. People are busy and don’t have time to wait around for slow loading websites. A slow website can lose a lot of people.

In fact, it’s become one of the key factors that Google looks at to decide where to rank your website in searches. If your website is slow compared to a competitor, then you’re going to rank low.

You want to ensure your website loads in under 3 seconds max. So, your hosting has to perform to deliver the content as soon as it’s requested.

Many hosting companies use shared hosting, which means you are sharing resources with many other people and their websites. Shared hosting is fine, as long as those resources are not too stretched to the point that it affects everyone’s website.

good performance is important when considering hosting for a coaching website

Easy WordPress installation

It uses to be a difficult process to get WordPress installed on your hosting servers, setting up file transfer protocol accounts, installing special software, downloading files, etc…

Fortunately, many hosting companies now offer easy WordPress installation that does the difficult tech work for you.

Watch out for hosting companies that still do not offer this service.

Good customer support when needed.

It is important that you have access to customer support when you need it. Should something go wrong, you want it fixed as soon as possible and without fuss.

Being able to get to speak to an actual person, whether over the phone or via online chat is important, so it is always worth testing out their customer services before you sign up for a hosting account.

So, how does Siteground meet all these needs and more for hosting a coaching website?

It’s taken me a long time to find a hosting company I’ve been satisfied with.

I’ve made mistakes of trying to cut costs and use budget hosting companies, only to find they don’t give me services I need, performance is an issue, or customer services are slow to respond.

Through mistakes like this, I realised how important hosting actually is. It’s the foundation of your online business. It’s where everything is held together.

So, don’t cut costs here! If you’re going to pay for quality services, hosting is where you should do that more than anywhere else. Trying to move your coaching business later to another hosting company can be a real nightmare.

So, how does Siteground fulfil all your needs?

Hosting costs.

Siteground fees, whilst not the cheapest you will find, are very competitive against some of the bigger branded names you may have heard of.

This actually makes Siteground very well priced for what they offer.

If you take a look at Siteground vs GoDaddy, you will see that they offer a similar level of service for a similar price.

However, Siteground makes it much easier to manage thanks to its custom interface and their performance is fantastic too. And, in my experience, their customer service is way better.

I’ll touch more on these points below.

Siteground or Godaddy for Hosting for a coaching website

Ease of use.

One of the best features of Siteground is the ease of use of its custom interface.

If you’re not a techy person, then you’ll want to ensure all your systems are user friendly so you can manage them quickly and get on with your coaching.

Siteground has neatly built their management system and that makes it a breeze to get setup (I have an easy 3 step tutorial in my free mini course showing you how easy it is!) and you can see how the Siteground interface looks compared to a traditional cPanel interface.


Sitegrounds easy control panel - hosting for a coaching website
Sitegrounds simple control panel
cpanel traditional complicated control panel - hosting for a coaching website
Traditional and complicated cPanel

SSL certificates.

We’ve already discussed how important SSL certificates are and that you should ensure you have them installed to keep your users’ data safe and secure.

Siteground provide SSL certificates as standard across all their levels of service.

What’s more, they provide a simple one-click SSL certificate installation, so it takes away all the hard work and makes the setup really simple.

Business Email

Getting setup with your business email is also a breeze in Siteground and it provides a handy webmail login link as well as the details needed to access your email in your other devices.

You can create and manage multiple email accounts. In fact, there is no restriction on how many email addresses you can have.

The only thing you’d have to be aware of is the storage space it takes up from your allocation which is why I say it’s more than suitable for a 10-person business. Anything more than that, you’d have to watch your storage allowance and consider an alternative email service that can handle a large amount of email data.

Easy WordPress installation.

Like everything else in Siteground, WordPress installation and management is simple.

A few details in a form and you’re done.

In fact, you get install WooCommerce directly at the same time, so you don’t have to add plugins later on. Or you can use the Siteground website migrator to pull in all your WordPress data from another source (for example, Local)

Hosting performance.

Siteground have continuously been at the forefront of technology available to ensure their servers deliver websites quickly.

Plus, Siteground have developed their own plugin to uniquely manage server cache (like a buffer) and to optimise your website continuously, meaning you get fast loading websites with ease.

If you need to deliver content worldwide, you can make use of the free Cloudflare content delivery network which basically clones your website onto various servers around the world, meaning wherever someone is requesting your website, there will be a server near them to deliver that data.

Siteground has built in a Cloudflare CDN setup within its platform making it quick and easy to get it up and running.

Customer service.

Siteground are renowned for their excellent customer service.

Should you need help or support, they have phone numbers available, easy access online chat, a user’s forum and a Facebook group.

Support, in my experience, is always friendly and quick whenever needed. However, with their simple platform, it’s been very rare that I have needed to call upon support.

Siteground provides excellent customer service

As you can see, there’s many reasons why I recommend Siteground hosting for a coaching website.

But I recommend you check them out yourselves first too. Go and speak to their customer services with your questions and see how you feel afterwards.

If you want to get started with Siteground, click this link which will save you up to 70% on your first year of hosting fees with them.

And if you want guided tutorials to help you through the already simple interface, then check out the bonus videos in my free DIY coaching website course.

PS, a disclaimer about affiliate links.

Whilst I’ve provided you with an affiliate link to sign up with Siteground, please do not think this is the reason behind my recommendations.

I use Siteground for my own websites and for my client’s websites.

There are many other hosting companies that offer much better affiliate commissions which I could suggest, but they do not perform well, do not give good customer service and are difficult to use. Hence, why I do not recommend them.

For a list of other recommended platforms, please visit the TOOLS page >>

See more educational blog posts in my EDUCATION pages >>

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Build Your Own Coaching Website Free Course - Tools To Help Coaches With Tech
Build Your Own Website: Easy Learn Via The FREE Website Course

The free mini course that shows you, quite simply, how to build your professional coaching home page.

Build Your Own Coaching Website Free Course - Tools To Help Coaches With Tech

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